Ag Product ID

Important Dates:

Workshop – August 29th, 2023

Entries Due October 18th, 2023

Contest November 9th in Belton


Check-in by: Orientation/Contest Starts
Ag Product Identification 9:00-9:30am 9:45 am
Awards Ceremony Approximately 11:30 am or immediately following completion of tabulation for Ag Product Identification.
Waiver All students need to fill out the contest waiver (can be done during 4-H Online registration)



Rules & Guidelines

District 8 4-H Ag Product ID Rules & Guidelines:

Overview/Contest Format:

1.Up to 30 agricultural products are chosen and displayed at separate stations from the 2023-
2027 Ag Product ID Guide.
2. Contestants need to correctly identify each product from four possible answers.
3. Additionally, each station has a multiple-choice question related to the product on display.
4. These questions cover both general industry knowledge and specific details about the product
such as but not limited to
a. Texas’ national ranking in Production
b. Economic impact
c. Nutritional content
d. Cooking methods
e. Uses
f. Growing season
g. Specific nutrition
5. Questions are 5 points each.
a. Contestants will receive five (5) points for each product that is correctly identified and
five (5) points for each question that is correctly answered.
b. Points will only be awarded on the follow up questions (pertaining to the product
displayed) if the product is correctly identified.
6. Contestants have 30 seconds at each station to answer both the identification and the multiplechoice questions.
7. Seven (7) stations will be selected as tie breakers in advance of the contest. The highest
cumulative scores for these classes followed by the lowest standard deviation of all classes will
be used for both individual and team ties.
8. The products selected for the contest can vary widely, from items like garlic to a rib-eye steak
based on the contest coordinator’s preferences.
9. Resources related to the contest may be found at
under Ag Product Guide. Teams will also benefit from their own web searches and by visiting
supermarkets to view products.


Texas 4-H Ag Product Identification Contest Study Guide:


The following websites are recommended references. Teams will also benefit from their own web searches and by visiting supermarkets to view products.