Robots are all around us. From the food we eat to the cars we drive, robots help make our lives easier, more efficient, and simply more fun! The field of robotics is expanding at a rapid pace, and Texas 4-H is poised to help lead young people into this exciting field. You will learn how to design, build, and program robots in an exciting and hands-on project.

The primary platform for the project is Lego® Mindstorms® but individuals or groups can independently pursue other platforms.


National Youth Science Day

Join the world’s largest youth-led science experiment! Visit the National Youth Science Day Website to learn more.

National 4-H Robotics

This program helps students learn basic science concepts and application of the scientific inquiry method and engineering design. Tracks that are open to students: Junk Drawer Robotics Curriculum.


This 10 lesson online tutorial program is designed for students interested in building a robot on their own and provides explanations of robotics terms. View the “How to Make a Robot” Lesson to learn more.


STEMcentric is a resource for students and teachers using the LEGO® Robotics kits. The NXT Tutorial is divided into two parts. “Essentials” is the first part and includes information all NXT programmers should know with exercises for practice. The second part “Advanced” is for reference. View the NXT Tutorial to learn more.

Texas 4-H STEM Ambassadors

The Texas 4-H STEM Ambassadors is a state-wide team who work in a youth-adult partnership structure to promote, educate, and inspire others in the area of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The team consists of senior 4-H members who have a strong interest in promoting STEM to other 4-H members, volunteers, as well as groups outside of 4-H. The team meets throughout the year to develop and support programs in areas such as robotics, photography, and video production. Applications are accepted once a year before the beginning of the 4-H year. For questions, please contact Derrick Bruton: 972-952-9264 or



AgRobotics Contest

Robotics Challenge at Texas 4-H Roundup

The Robotics Challenge is a contest designed to allow members to demonstrate their robotics, engineering, and problem-solving skills. Visit the State Roundup webpage to learn more. For questions, please contact Derrick Bruton: 972-952-9264 or

Texas Tech University GEAR Contest

South Plains elementary and middle schools have the opportunity to partner with engineering students from Texas Tech University for a period of 6-8 weeks. This program is free of charge and requires schools to register. School teams will have the opportunity to compete in the South Plain GEAR tournaments. Visit the website for more information.

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Volunteer Resources

Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy

The Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy is a branch of the Carnegie Mellon Robotics Institute and it seeks to provide resources and activities for classroom use. This program uses Robot Virtual World Software which allows students to experience programming robots and viewing the robotics perform virtually.

LEGO® Engineering

This site provides inspiration and support for teachers using the LEGO® -based engineering program in classrooms.